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NeuroSensory Centers of America™ was founded in 2003 by Kendal Stewart, M.D., a Board Certified Neurotologist and certified Neuro-Sensory Specialist. In 2004 the company created Sensory View™, the first comprehensive Neuro-Sensory diagnostic system. In its’ current form, Sensory View™ represents a combination of seven well-recognized and non-invasive tests. All of the medical devises and tests are FDA approved and insurance reimbursable in most states. The system produces an integrated, graphical analysis of the patients Neuro-sensory system so that their physicians can “see” and treat the source of your problem.

NSCA has revolutionized the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of patients with “symptom based” neurological, nervous and immune system abnormalities. The company’s patented technology provides the first “evidence-based” proof of the ability to medically stabilize and improve nervous and immune system functions by verifying these improvements at regular intervals during treatment.

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